Do you miss those time when you were pain free, where everything seems achievable to you?
Here, we want to bring you back to you.
Hera, is a convenient tool for you to achieve this. Conveniently by understanding your condition through assessment, we help you to look for the help your body repair needs.
We are a team of wellness naturalists, who believe that wellness is organically inside out. Each of our therapists have our own specialty in practice, aligning to solving your problems our best.

Water flows to bring life, blood flows to bring recovery. Hera, which is driven by a vision of restoring natural blood circulation and body recovery systems, provides various types of therapies and natural products to align to bringing you back to you.

In utmost attention in doing things what other seems to neglect, we bring details into your healthcare programme. From your biomechanics needs to your vascular health, we would like to share these therapeutical benefits with you. We want you to feel less tired, we want you to feel less weary, we want you to feel joy from every little cells in you.

For a body in adaptation, happy hormones are important. We take women and young children as our focus, we provide joyful prenatal and postnatal courses. 🌿

We believe in individuality. Many stages in life, many stages in you requires different needs.

Hera’s products are made from natural ingredients from trustable suppliers.

As much as we practice, we customize our therapy to all our clients. We want you to be pain free naturally, non-dependently, non-synthetically. In this life, we look forward to seeing the many states and surprises in you. Let us live to our best self together. See you!